Dear Evan Hansen at CIBC Theater

Dear Evan Hansen Tickets

CIBC Theater (Formerly PrivateBank Theatre) | Chicago, Illinois

Have you ever wanted to enjoy incredible Broadway Musical entertainment from one of the country’s most stunning cities? Then make sure you order your tickets to see Dear Evan Hansen for a live show at the world famous CIBC Theatre in Chicago, Illinois on Wednesday 23rd September 2020. Not only will you be able to savour one of the hottest talents in the country for a limited-time only show, but you’ll also be able to find out what all the talk is about, and see the show that has won 6 Tony Awards and is smashing box office records! To experience this incredible venue for yourself, click the Buy Tickets button below and book your tickets before they run out. Don’t wait, because once these tickets are gone, they are gone for good.

Dear Evan Hansen at CIBC Theatre

Theatre is immediate, evolving and always unique! Although the script may be the same every night, the performance itself is always unique, each and every time it’s performed. No two performances are ever the same. In this way, everyone involved has a distinct and unique experience that can never again be replicated. Being a part of the crowd means you are impacting part the show, which means that your experience will be completely unique. And that in itself, is why people come to the theater, to take away an evening that is only theirs, making it truly unforgettable. When these shows are performed on the CIBC Theatre stage, they are delivered with the most incredible sounds and glorious colours. The CIBC Theatre is truly the elite when it comes to theater events, so why not come and see their upcoming show Dear Evan Hansen on Wednesday 23rd September 2020?

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