The Kite Runner at CIBC Theatre

The Kite Runner Tickets

CIBC Theatre | Chicago, Illinois

The Kite Runner

Don't you think you should go see a great show this year? We all love a bit of theatre now and then! Well something pretty special is happening summer, 2024 everybody is HYPED! This is an exclusive from us The Kite Runner is on a huge tour of the US and life is good again! Fanatics from all over are coming down in June, because they know how much of an experience this will be! Remember this date: Saturday 22nd June 2024, the smashing The Kite Runner, will be hosted by the famous CIBC Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, where everyone knows they have the leading snacks! Buy your tickets now before they're all gone because they are this is going to be another sell out tour! Scroll up and press the link to buy!

What do you need when you're searching to book a musical for the family? There are multiple factors some search for...the theatre needs to suit all attending? Has the musical received good feedback? Can the entire family enjoy it? And, will it be a memorable experience? Each factor as relevant as the last, The Kite Runner ticks all the boxes, and as luck would have it now is your chance to see the production LIVE! The Kite Runner is back on the road once more for summer, 2024 and its kinda a big deal! On Saturday 22nd June 2024, this family favourite will be showing at the unforgettable and simply beautiful CIBC Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, those who have been call it the best venue in the city, so its not just the act itself you have look forward to! Now, if you'd like to join the rest of the fans in June, well tickets are limited, if you don't want to miss out you'll need purchase right away, simply use the link on this page to book today!

The Kite Runner at CIBC Theatre

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