CIBC Theatre Seating Chart

Searching for the best seats at the CIBC Theatre? Don’t worry – we got you covered. In this guide, we’ll show you the official seating chart of the CIBC Theatre, as well as the views from all the sections. This guide is made to assist you in locating the best seats at the CIBC Theatre – taking into consideration your personal budget and the experience you’re looking for. The prices for each show varies, so be sure to check out the event you want to attend to know more about pricing. The events page has an interactive seating map, seat views, and prices.

This is the official seating chart for the CIBC Theatre:
CIBC Theatre Seating Chart

Orchestra Seats at the CIBC Theatre

CIBC Theatre orchestra Seating
When it comes to experiencing a Broadway show at the CIBC Theatre, there’s a seating option that offers an unparalleled view and immersive theater experience – the orchestra seats. These seats are located on the ground level, right in front of the stage, providing an up-close and personal experience of the performance.

One of the standout features of orchestra seating at the CIBC Theatre is its stadium-style arrangement. This means that each row is slightly elevated, ensuring that even if there’s a tall person in front of you, your view won’t be obstructed. This thoughtful layout ensures that every seat in the orchestra section offers a clear and unobstructed view of the stage.

It’s worth noting that not every Orchestra seat provides a clear view of the production. There are some seats that are obstructed, and may be an issue for some patrons,

Left Orchestra: there’s a pole in row U in between seats 4 and 8; thus anyone sitting in seats 2-6 from Row V to ZZZ will have an obstructed view.

Right Orchestra: there’s a pole in row U in between seats 3 and 7; thus anyone sitting in seats 1-5 from Row V to ZZZ will have an obstructed view.

Remember: Orchestra seats are the best in the house – this means they tend to sell out fast! Be sure to secure yours early and gain access to the seats with the best views.

Dress Circle Seats at the CIBC Theatre

CIBC Theatre dress circle Seating
It’s a general recommendation to get center seats when attending a theatre show. However, that is not the case with Dress Circles seats as the view varies depending on different factors.

Seat views in the dress circle might vary greatly depending on the section and row you are in. The Center Dress Circle section is suspended above the orchestra sections in row S, while the Side Dress Circle portion is suspended above the orchestra in row L. As a result, the side portions offer a dramatic viewing angle, causing people to lean over the railing and sit as tall as possible. Seat quality and sight lines are totally dependent on the individuals in front of you.

Good: seats between rows A to C

Somewhat obstructed: seats between rows D-E

Obstructed: seats between rows F-H

Mezzanine Seats at the CIBC Theatre

CIBC Theatre mezzanine Seating
The mezzanine is the second tier of seating, situated just above the orchestra section, providing an excellent perspective of the stage. Mezzanine seats are known for their balanced view, offering a clear view of the entire stage while still maintaining a reasonable distance that allows you to take in the full scope of the performance. This view allows you to see the actors’ expressions, intricate set designs, and choreography with great clarity.

Additionally, the mezzanine typically features a comfortable incline, ensuring that even those in the back rows have a good line of sight. This thoughtful design minimizes the chances of having your view obstructed by the row in front of you.

Balcony Seats at the CIBC Theatre

CIBC Theatre balconySeating
The CIBC Theatre has three levels, with the balcony being the highest. The view from the balcony areas – whether in the center or not – provides extremely wide viewing angles. You might miss a chunk of the stage, as will many other seats and sections at this arena. While these seats are farther from the stage compared to orchestra, mezzanine, or dress circle seats, they still offer a good view of the performance.

One of the benefits of balcony seating is its affordability. It is an accessible choice for a wide range of theater enthusiasts. More importantly, it’s an excellent option for families, students, or anyone looking to enjoy a Broadway show without the premium price tag.

Best Seats at the CIBC Theatre

This independent guide was curated to assist you in finding the best seats at the CIBC Theatre. We did our research, and according to all the rave reviews, orchestra seats are indeed some of the best seats in the house! If you’re looking for a truly high class experience, this is for you.

Accessible Seating

The CIBC Theatre offers Handicapped and ADA Seating to make shows accessible to everyone. If necessary, folding chairs can be provided for guests. These seats are typically located at the top of the lower level of the venue.