A Soldier's Play at CIBC Theater

A Soldier's Play Tickets

CIBC Theater (Formerly PrivateBank Theatre) | Chicago, Illinois

Why is The Soldier's Play such a good performance? The musical illustrates the dreadful psychological and physical effects that racism has on both victims and offenders. Both blatantly racist views and behaviors as well as those that are so deeply ingrained in society are often taken for granted and are uncovered by this riveting play. You will be in awe of the actors and the production for the whole of the performance, but tickets won't last long because everyone will be running to the box office. Hence, you must act quickly to avoid missing out. Right here, you can purchase the tickets. On Sunday 9th April 2023, it will be broadcast live at CIBC Theatre.

A Soldier's Play at CIBC Theatre

The sergeant of a Black unit, Vernon C. Waters, was killed in a Louisiana army camp in 1944. The local Klan or a white officer may have been the culprit, according to Captain Taylor, the white chief of police. Black captain Richard Davenport is tasked with conducting the investigation. Taylor tries to discourage Davenport out of concern that the hiring of a Black investigator will lead to the case being ignored. Nevertheless, Davenport continues and learns that the men in the company harbor deep-seated hatred and corruption. Despite the many motives of each soldier, Davenport eventually cracks the case and unearth a revelation that is even more startling than the crime itself. You have to be there to experience why this is such an award-winning tale.

A Soldier’s Play, the play has captivated show goers as they gasp at the magical stage design with a superb cast dressed in the most handsome attire and this time will be no different. You have to be quick as tickets won’t be available for long, however you can reserve yours here.

A Soldier's Play at CIBC Theatre

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