The Kite Runner at CIBC Theatre

This is an informational independent guide on the latest and upcoming events happening at the CIBC Theatre. The website is not affiliated with Broadway in Chicago, Nederlander Organization, or the CIBC Theatre. Ticket links are recommendations and are authenticated genuine resale tickets for all upcoming events at the CIBC Theatre. Please read our Disclaimer page.

Experience the most wondrous shows in Chicago’s first multi-million dollar venue, the historical CIBC Theatre. The theatre was built as the city’s tallest building at the time, attracting both high class shows and thousands of fans. Since its opening in 1906, the building has retained its best assets such as its beautiful architecture and world class stage. It has hosted many shows, including vaudeville celebrity acts during its early years. If you’ve been thinking this is where Chicago the Musical got its inspiration from, you guessed it right! The CIBC Theatre will definitely make you feel like a star. Located in the vibrant Loop district of downtown Chicago, there are plenty of activities to do and sights to see after attending a show here.

The CIBC Theatre is home to Broadway’s best productions. It’s even operated by Broadway in Chicago! When it first started its operations in the early 1900, it hosted some of the biggest vaudeville headlining acts in the world. Remember the famous Harry Houdini? Well, he performed one of his best shows here at the CIBC Theatre! Other famous vaudeville acts such as Al Jolson, Eddie Foy, Jack Benny, W.C. Fields, The Marx Brothers, Bert Williams, Lily Langtry, Eddie Cantor and Fanny Brice have also graced the venue’s stage.

The CIBC Theatre in Chicago is not just a place to watch shows; it's also a feast for the eyes. Imagine the most marvelous theatre in all of Chicago, an old-timey palace. Inside, there are lots of fancy decorations and bright ornament lights hanging from the ceiling. The theatre looks straight out of a movie set in the 1900s. It's the kind of style that never goes out of fashion - always exuding grace and elegance. And even though the theatre is over a hundred years old, it still has all the modern stuff you need to have an amazing and comfortable time.

It was originally named the Majestic Theatre when it first opened. It has been called other names such as the Sam Shubert Theatre, LaSalle Bank Theatre, then Bank of America Theatre until finally being named the CIBC Theatre in 2017.

A trip to the CIBC Theatre in Chicago often entails a complete itinerary to ensure you make the most use of your time in the Loop District. It can also be overwhelming, since there are so many available things for you to do. We built this independent guide for our readers, to help them find the hottest shows, productions, and events and plan out their trip accordingly. Our guide is made complete with insider tips on hotels, parking spaces, and nearby restaurants. To learn more about the CIBC Theatre, click on the separate pages that will give you all the information you need. To experience it all for yourself and to catch what's on – head over to the events page above! Upcoming Events.

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